Design Standards Comparison of Reinforced Concrete Strengthening Using FRP Composite in Chinese and ACI Codes

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The application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) in civil engineering is a growing field worldwide. Many countries have different ideas and opinions on the applications of FRP. It includes general researches, standards design and specifications. Based on these key parameters, an exhaustive comparison between design standards of FRP-Strengthened reinforced concrete in the Chinese code and that of American Concrete Institute (ACI) is carried out in this paper. From a general viewpoint, the strategies of both codes for strengthening reinforced concrete structures are uniform. Nevertheless, the calculation methods of the bonded length, flexural capacity, and shear capacity are different from one another. The differences and sameness would deepen designers' understanding of FRP and illuminate them to pay more attention on these issues during calculation. This will contribute in making FRP an important material that could be effectively used and widely applied in the civil structures throughout the world.