Lymphomatoid Contact Dermatitis

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A 62-year-old man was seen with a generalized pruritic eczematous eruption of 2 months’ duration. The eruption initially appeared on the legs, becoming generalized and involving the hands, face, and trunk. A cutaneous lymphoma was suspected and a skin biopsy was performed. Histopathologic features were considered compatible with mycosis fungoides. In the meantime, 7 days of prednisone (30 mg orally) had cleared the eruption. The patient relapsed after wearing a pair of brown trousers again. Physical examination and a complete screening to rule out a cutaneous lymphoma were negative. Patch tests were positive to azo dyes and trouser cloth. Skin biopsies from positive patch tests showed a similar histologic pattern to that of spontaneous dermatitis. A diagnosis of lymphomatoid contact dermatitis was made. The clinicopathologic features and diagnostic criteria of lymphomatoid contact dermatitis are reviewed.