Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing

Volume 8404 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 324-330

An IR-Based Strategy for Supporting Chinese-Portuguese Translation Services in Off-line Mode

  • Jordi CentellesAffiliated withInstitute for Infocomm Research
  • , Marta Ruiz Costa-jussàAffiliated withInstitute for Infocomm Research
  • , Rafael E. BanchsAffiliated withInstitute for Infocomm Research
  • , Alexander GelbukhAffiliated withCentro de Investigación en Computación, Instituto Politécnico Nacional

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This paper describes an Information Retrieval engine that is used to support our Chinese-Portuguese machine translation services when no internet connection is available. Our mobile translation app, which is deployed on a portable device, relies by default on a server-based machine translation service, which is not accessible when no internet connection is available. For providing translation support under this condition, we have developed a contextualized off-line search engine that allows the users to continue using the app.


machine translation translation aid Chinese Portuguese