Trust and Trustworthy Computing

Volume 7904 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 187-195

Towards Precise and Efficient Information Flow Control in Web Browsers

  • Christoph KerschbaumerAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Eric HenniganAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Per LarsenAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Stefan BrunthalerAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Michael FranzAffiliated withUniversity of California

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JavaScript (JS) has become the dominant programming language of the Internet and powers virtually every web page. If an adversary manages to inject malicious JS into a web page, confidential user data such as credit card information and keystrokes may be exfiltrated without the users knowledge.

We present a comprehensive approach to information flow security that allows precise labeling of scripting-exposed browser subsystems: the JS engine, the Document Object Model, and user generated events. Our experiments show that our framework is precise and efficient, and detects information exfiltration attempts by monitoring network requests.