Date: 15 Nov 2012

Preliminary Research on Muscle Activity in Driver’s Steering Maneuver for Driver’s Assistance System Evaluation

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The quantification of the driver’s workload to complement the subjective evaluation is required in order to evaluate the driver assistant system. Preliminary investigation results of muscle behavior during steering maneuver have been described. The role and the feature of muscle activities in simulated steering conditions have been clarified. Driver tends to maneuver with “push steering” in both clockwise direction and counter-clockwise direction. Muscle alternation and co-contraction between the two muscles corresponding to the opposite one could be seen at the change of the torque directions. According to the result, the driver’s steering workload might be estimated by evaluating the simultaneous activities of pectoralis clavicular and anterior deltoid of the both arms. The result of this research can be considered to be useful for the evolution of driver assistant system. Furthermore, it would contribute to spread the system and improve its performance. It might contribute to reduce traffic accidents as well.