Date: 18 Aug 2012

The Study of Calcium Sulfate Decomposition by Experiments Under O2 /CO2 Atmosphere

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Sulphur emission and the effect on ash properties and boiler- tube corrosion in oxy-fuel combustion have received increasing attention in the recent years. Early investigation about calcium- based desulphurization in oxy-fuel, addressed the advantage to reduce the SO2 emission. This paper, the decomposition of calcium sulphate was characterized by thermogravimetric analyzer. The results showed that the decomposition inhibited by increasing O2 concentration and SO2 concentration resulted from recycled flue gas. And CO2 concentration had the negative effect, which can be solved by changing O2 concentration through appropriately adjusting recycled flue gas ratio. The kinetics mechanism of calcium sulfate-decomposition in oxy-fuel combustion was further analyzed. Compared with conventional atmosphere, the reaction activation energy was heightened in oxy-fuel conditions, and the difference increased with rising temperature. So it can further confirm the advantage of calcium utilization rate under high temperature in oxy-fuel condition.