Advances in Visual Computing

Volume 6454 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 213-221

Prismfields: A Framework for Interactive Modeling of Three Dimensional Caves

  • Matt BoggusAffiliated withThe Ohio State University
  • , Roger CrawfisAffiliated withThe Ohio State University

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A framework for interactive modeling of three dimensional caves is presented. It is based on a new spatial data structure that extends existing terrain rendering methods. The cave is represented as a set of slabs, each encoding a portion of the model along an axis. We describe methods for a user to modify this model locally and procedural methods for global alteration. We wish to allow cave modeling as easily as existing terrain editing programs that restrict the model to a single two dimensional manifold. In this paper, we discuss existing cave visualization programs, including their limitations, as well as how terrain editing and rendering methods can be used in the process of modeling caves.