Trends in Intelligent Robotics

Volume 103 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 162-169

Multi-Agent Rendezvous Algorithm with Rectilinear Decision Domain

  • Kaushik DasAffiliated withDept. of AE, Indian Institute of Science, GCDSL
  • , Debasish GhoseAffiliated withDept. of AE, Indian Institute of Science, GCDSL

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The aim of this paper is to develop a computationally efficient decentralized rendezvous algorithm for a group of autonomous agents. The algorithm generalizes the notion of sensor domain and decision domain of agents to enable implementation of simple computational algorithms. Specifically, the algorithm proposed in this paper uses a rectilinear decision domain (RDD) as against the circular decision domain assumed in earlier work. Because of this, the computational complexity of the algorithm reduces considerably and, when compared to the standard Ando’s algorithm available in the literature, the RDD algorithm shows very significant improvement in convergence time performance. Analytical results to prove convergence and supporting simulation results are presented in the paper.


Multi-agent Rendezvous Decision domain Consensus