Computer Vision – ECCV 2010

Volume 6314 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 72-86

ADICT: Accurate Direct and Inverse Color Transformation

  • Behzad SajadiAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Maxim LazarovAffiliated withUniversity of California
  • , Aditi MajumderAffiliated withUniversity of California

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A color transfer function describes the relationship between the input and the output colors of a device. Computing this function is difficult when devices do not follow traditionally coveted properties like channel independency or color constancy, as is the case with most commodity capture and display devices (like projectors, camerass and printers). In this paper we present a novel representation for the color transfer function of any device, using higher-dimensional Bézier patches, that does not rely on any restrictive assumptions and hence can handle devices that do not behave in an ideal manner. Using this representation and a novel reparametrization technique, we design a color transformation method that is more accurate and free of local artifacts compared to existing color transformation methods. We demonstrate this method’s generality by using it for color management on a variety of input and output devices. Our method shows significant improvement in the appearance of seamlessness when used in the particularly demanding application of color matching across multi-projector displays or multi-camera systems. Finally we demonstrate that our color transformation method can be performed efficiently using a real-time GPU implementation.