Internationalization, Design and Global Development

Volume 5623 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 413-418

Testing of a Novel Web Browser Interface for the Chinese Market

  • Siu-Tsen ShenAffiliated withDepartment of Multimedia Design, National Formosa University
  • , Stephen D. PriorAffiliated withDepartment of Product Design and Engineering, Middlesex University
  • , Kuen-Meau ChenAffiliated withDepartment of Industrial Design, National United University

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This paper compares the perspicacity, appropriateness and preference of web browser icons from leading software providers with those of a culture-specific design. This online study was conducted in Taiwan and involved 103 participants, who were given three sets of web browser icons to review, namely Microsoft Internet Explorer, Macintosh Safari, and culturally specific icons created using the Culture-Centred Design methodology. The findings of the study show that all three sets have generally high recognition rates, but that some icon functions (e.g. Go/Visit and Favourite) in all three sets have poor recognition rates and are considered inappropriate.


web browser icons icons perspicacity Chinese culturalisation user interface design