Component-Based Software Engineering

Volume 5582 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 209-226

Component-Based Real-Time Operating System for Embedded Applications

  • Frédéric LoiretAffiliated withINRIA-Lille, Nord Europe, Project ADAM, USTL-LIFL CNRS UMR 8022
  • , Juan NavasAffiliated withOrange Labs
  • , Jean-Philippe BabauAffiliated withUniversité Européenne de Bretagne
  • , Olivier LobryAffiliated withOrange Labs

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As embedded systems must constantly integrate new functionalities, their developement cycles must be based on high-level abstractions, making the software design more flexible. CBSE provides an approach to these new requirements. However, low-level services provided by operating systems are an integral part of embedded applications, furthermore deployed on resource-limited devices. Therefore, the expected benefits of CBSE must not impact on the constraints imposed by the targetted domain, such as memory footprint, energy consumption, and execution time. In this paper, we present the componentization of a legacy industry-established Real-Time Operating System, and how component-based applications are built on top of it. We use the Think framework that allows to produce flexible systems while paying for flexibility only where desired. Performed experimentions show that the induced overhead is negligeable.