2009, pp 601-606

Experimental and numerical investigation of jet injection in a wall bounded supersonic flow

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Numerical and experimental studies of a supersonic jet supersonic jet (Helium) inclined at 45$^°$ to a oncoming Mach 2 flow have been carried out. The numerical study has been used to arrive at a geometry that could reduce an oncoming Mach 5.75 flow to Mach 2 flow and in determining the jet parameters. Experiments are carried out in the IISc. hypersonic shock tunnel HST2 at similar conditions obtained from numerical studies. Flow visualization studies carried out using Schlieren technique clearly show the presence of the bow shock in front of the jet exposed to supersonic cross flow. The jet Mach number is experimentally found to be ≈ 3. Visual observations show that the jet has penetrated up to 60% of the total height of the chamber.