Free-Shaped Video Collage

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With the explosive growth of multimedia data, video presentation has become an important technology for fast browsing of video content. In this paper, we present a novel video presentation technique called “Free-Shaped Video Collage” (FS-Collage), which is motivated from and built upon our previous work on Video Collage [3]. Video Collage is a kind of static summary which selects the most representative regions-of-interest (ROI) from video and seamlessly arranges them on a synthesized image. Unlike Video Collage in which both the shapes of ROI and final collage are fixed as rectangle, we support arbitrary shapes of ROI and a set of collage templates in FS-Collage. Furthermore, we design three ROI arrangement schemes (i.e., book, diagonal, and spiral) for satisfying different video genres. We formulate the generation of FS-Collage as an energy minimization problem and solve the problem by designing a random sampling process. The experiment results show that our FS-Collage achieves satisfying performance.