A New Fingerprinting Codes for Multimedia Contents

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Digital fingerprinting is a technology for enforcing digital rights policies where by unique labels, known as digital fingerprints, are inserted into content prior to distribution. As we use it, we can trace illegal users. These fingerprints are typically embedded into the content using watermarking techniques that are designed to be robust to a variety of attacks. Also, it must secure against collusion attack that some colluders remove and alter their fingerprints. In this paper, we propose easily fingerprint generation technique by using trace of primitive polynomial. The proposed scheme can generate codes more easily and have more buyers than existing schemes. Our scheme is secure against collusion attack with two colluders. And we proposed a new watermarking algorithm that embeds and extracts securely by using MPSK(M-ary Phase Shift Keying) technology. The proposed watermarking algorithm has semi-robustness. Therefore it is effective in conspirator detection.