Information Gathering on the Internet Using a Distributed Intelligent Agent Model with Multi-Granular Linguistic Information

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Information gathering in Internet is a complex activity. Find the appropriate information, required for the users, on the World Wide Web is not a simple task. Then, Internet users need tools to assist them to obtain the information required. One possibility consists of using distributed intelligent agents in the information gathering process that help the users to cope with the mass of content available on the World Wide Web.

The communication between users and agents is very important to the information gathering process be successful. The great variety of representations of the information in Internet is the main obstacle to this communication. The use of the linguistic information provides a more flexibility in the communication among agents and between agents and users. In this paper, we propose a distributed intelligent model for gathering information on the Internet, where the agents and users may communicate among them using a multi-granular linguistic model. This model provides a greater flexibility and several advantages in the user-system interaction.