Computer Aided Verification

Volume 3114 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 457-461

Zapato: Automatic Theorem Proving for Predicate Abstraction Refinement

  • Thomas BallAffiliated withMicrosoft Corporation
  • , Byron CookAffiliated withMicrosoft Corporation
  • , Shuvendu K. LahiriAffiliated withCarnegie-Mellon University
  • , Lintao ZhangAffiliated withMicrosoft Corporation

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Counterexample-driven abstraction refinement is an automatic process that produces abstract models of finite and infinite-state systems. When this process is applied to software, an automatic theorem prover for quantifier-free first-order logic helps to determine the feasibility of program paths and to refine the abstraction. In this paper we report on a fast, lightweight, and automatic theorem prover called Zapato which we have built specifically to solve the queries produced during the abstraction refinement process.