2005, pp 341-346

Force measurements on hypersonic waveriders in the IISc hypersonic shock tunnel HST2

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The drag and lift coefficients for a viscous optimized Mach 6 conical waverider has been measured using an accelerometer force balance system in the IISc hypersonic shock tunnel. A rubber bush placed in between the waverider model and the steel sting ensures unrestrained motion to the model during shock tunnel testing (500 /gms). Two accelerometers mounted on the model are used to measure the model accelerations in the axial and normal directions. The measured value of lift to drag ratio at zero angle of incidence for the IISc conical waverider with viscous optimized leading edge is 2.149, which compares well with the value reported in the open literature (Anderson et al 1991) for similar class of waveriders designed for a flight Mach number of 6. The details of the experimental study along with illustrative numerical results are discussed in this paper.