Principles of Distributed Systems

Volume 8304 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 191-205

On Local Fixing

  • Michael KönigAffiliated withComputer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETH Zurich
  • , Roger WattenhoferAffiliated withComputer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETH Zurich

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In this paper we look at the difficulty of fixing solutions of classic network problems. We study local changes in graphs (edge resp. node insertion resp. deletion), and network problems (e.g. maximal independent set, minimum vertex cover, spanning trees, shortest paths). A change/problem combination is locally fixable if an existing solution of a problem can be fixed in constant time in case of a local change in the graph. We analyze a variety of well-studied classic network problems with different characteristics.


Local Fixing Fault Tolerance Graph Problems Complexity Classes and Maximal Independent Set