Control and Estimation of Distributed Parameter Systems

Volume 126 of the series International Series of Numerical Mathematics pp 111-127

On the Approximate Controllability for Higher Order Parabolic Nonlinear Equations of Cahn-Hilliard Type

  • J. I. DíazAffiliated withDpto. Matemática Aplicada, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • , A. M. RamosAffiliated withDpto. Informática y Automática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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We prove the approximate controllability property for some higher order parabolic nonlinear equations of Cahn-Hilliard type when the nonlinearity is of sublinear type at infinity. We also give a counterexample showing that this property may fail when the nonlinearity is of superlinear type.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

93B05 93C20 35K55

Key words and phrases

Approximate controllability higher order nonlinear parabolic boundary value problems Cahn-Hilliard type equations