Mise en place d’une plateforme dédiée à la gestion des terminologies d’analyses biomédicales


Background and objectives. The AP-HP has developed a dictionary of biology independent from laboratory management systems (LMS). This dictionary is interfaced with the international nomenclature LOINC, and developed in collaboration with experts from all biological disciplines. Our goal is to establish a platform for publishing and maintaining the AP-HP laboratory data dictionary, which can satisfy both the requirements concerning the controlled vocabulary as those related to maintenance processes and distribution. Material and Methods. The complexity and volume of data show the need to establish a platform dedicated to the terminology management. This replaces the use of a spreadsheet tool that shows weaknesses in this case. After describing the dictionary, we identify requirements for the nomenclature management, and the inadequacy of existing software. Results. We describe how the modeling, data recovery and integration/verification steps in the new tool were used to meet these requirements. The core of our work is based on the modeling effort that takes into account multiple dimensions: (i) interoperability regarding data exchange standards, and (ii) dictionary evolution. This model has been implemented in the AP-HP context.