Date: 02 Apr 2013

Mass Spectrometry, Proteomics, and the Study of Sperm Cell Biology

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Advances in mass spectrometry are revolutionizing biological sciences. It is our belief that over next decade a systems-biology ‘omics’ revolution will come to dominate our thinking. As a result of this revolution we shall be able to provide detailed insights into the composition and structure of specified cells and biological fluids in different physiological and pathological states. This information will be invaluable in its own right as a source of biomarkers for diagnostic purposes and will, in addition, facilitate our understanding of some of the biochemical pathways associated with normal and abnormal cell function. In the microcosm of andrology, the application of ‘omics’ technologies will not only facilitate our understanding of how sperm biology is regulated, but also help us to resolve the defects that underpin male infertility and provide insights into possible approaches to male contraception. Never before have we had such sophistication at the call of researchers determined to resolve the molecular mechanisms regulating sperm function.