2013, pp 163-188
Date: 23 Jul 2013

A Mid-IR Antenna Integrated with a Geometrically Asymmetrical Metal-Insulator-Metal Rectifying Diode

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The infrared (IR) spectrum lies between the microwave and optical frequency ranges, which are well suited for communication and energy harvesting purposes, respectively. The long wavelength IR (LWIR) spectrum, corresponding to wavelengths from 8 μm to 15 μm, includes the thermal radiation emitted by objects at room temperature and the Earth’s terrestrial radiation. Therefore, LWIR detectors are very appealing for thermal imaging purposes. In this chapter, we investigate the prospects of Mid-IR antenna coupled Metal-Insulator-Metal rectifying diodes to be used for LWIR detection and harvesting purposes. Considering the research presented in the literature on this subject, we introduce current challenges that lead to the future research directions. Moreover, we support the analysis on the antenna coupled tunneling diodes with our most recent results to draw a solid picture.