Open IT-Based Innovation: Moving Towards Cooperative IT Transfer and Knowledge Diffusion

Volume 287 of the series IFIP – The International Federation for Information Processing pp 179-196

Technological Frame Incongruence, Diffusion, and Noncompliance

  • Polly SobreperezAffiliated withSalford Business School, University of Salford


The technological frames of reference strand of social shaping of technology theory is used to overlay the issues arising from a case study looking at noncompliance with information systems. A recent review of the theory suggests that although frame content is often addressed, frame structure, the process of framing, and the characteristics and outcomes of frames are largely overlooked. This paper attempts to address this shortfall by applying the indicators identified by case study research to the frames of different groups and using them to highlight differing perceptions and attitudes. In this way, the author suggests that issues surrounding noncompliance should not be dismissed as resistance but instead should be further studied by managers and developers, leading to accommodation of differing views. Further examination of frame incongruence reveals dependence on inefficient or ineffective organizational situations and thus these indicators can be useful in future studies to identify and address procedural, acceptance and cultural issues leading to acts of noncompliance.


Social shaping technological frames resistance workaround