Date: 19 Oct 2001

Application-Level Multicast Using Content-Addressable Networks

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Most currently proposed solutions to application-level multicast organise the group members into an application-level mesh over which a Distance-Vector routingp rotocol, or a similar algorithm, is used to construct source-rooted distribution trees. The use of a global routing protocol limits the scalability of these systems. Other proposed solutions that scale to larger numbers of receivers do so by restricting the multicast service model to be single-sourced. In this paper, we propose an application-level multicast scheme capable of scaling to large group sizes without restrictingthe service model to a single source. Our scheme builds on recent work on Content-Addressable Networks (CANs). Extendingthe CAN framework to support multicast comes at trivial additional cost and, because of the structured nature of CAN topologies, obviates the need for a multicast routingalg orithm. Given the deployment of a distributed infrastructure such as a CAN, we believe our CAN-based multicast scheme offers the dual advantages of simplicity and scalability.