Date: 20 Sep 2001

The Cornell Robocup Team

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This paper describes the Cornell Robocup Team, which won the RoboCup-2000 F180 championship in Melbourne, Australia. The success of the team was due to electro-mechanical innovations (omnidirectional drive and a dribbling mechanism) and the control strategies that rendered them effective. As opposed to last years “role-based” strategy, a “play- based” strategy wasimplemented, which allowed us to make full use of the robot capabilities for cooperative control.


The lead author would like to thank all of the students involved in the RoboCup project at Cornell University, past and present, for their dedication to the project, and for their numerous accomplishments. We would also like to thank our many sponsors for their continuing support, in particular Jim Morgan at Applied Materials, John Swanson at ANSYS, Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies.