Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Volume 1952 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 217-226

Annotated Temporal Logics Δ*τ

  • Jair Minoro AbeAffiliated withDepartment of Informatics, ICET, Paulista UniversityDepartment of Informatics, ICET, Paulista University
  • , Seiki AkamaAffiliated withInstitute foror Advanced Studies, University of Sao Paulo

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In this paper we present a class of paraconsistent temporal system Δ*τ which may constitute, for instance, a framework for paracon- sistent temporal reasoning. We establish the completeness of Δ*τ using the Kripke semantics. The proposed temporal logic subsumes the classi- cal one with the advantage of handling inconsistency.


Time in Paraconsistent logics paraconsistent temporal logic, time and paraconsistency.