Applied Parallel Computing. State of the Art in Scientific Computing

Volume 3732 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 519-526

Towards a Bulk-Synchronous Distributed Shared Memory Programming Environment for Grids

  • Håkan MattssonAffiliated withDepartment of Natural Science and Technology, Gotland University
  • , Christoph KesslerAffiliated withProgramming Environments Laboratory (PELAB), Department of Information and Computer Science, Linköping University

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The current practice in grid programming uses message passing, which unfortunately leads to code that is difficult to understand, debug and optimize. Hence, for grids to become commonly accepted, also as general-purpose parallel computation platforms, suitable parallel programming environments need to be developed.

In this paper we propose an approach to realize a distributed shared memory programming environment for computational grids called GridNestStep, by adopting NestStep, a structured parallel programming language based on the Bulk Synchronous Parallel model of parallel computation.