Approximation, Randomization and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques

Volume 3624 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 111-122

Approximating the Distortion

  • Alexander HallAffiliated withETH Zürich
  • , Christos PapadimitriouAffiliated withUC Berkeley

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Kenyon et al. (STOC 04) compute the distortion between one-dimensional finite point sets when the distortion is small; Papadimitriou and Safra (SODA 05) show that the problem is NP-hard to approximate within a factor of 3, albeit in 3 dimensions. We solve an open problem in these two papers by demonstrating that, when the distortion is large, it is hard to approximate within large factors, even for 1-dimensional point sets. We also introduce additive distortion, and show that it can be easily approximated within a factor of two.