MultiPro: A Platform for PC Cluster Based Active Stereo Display System

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Active stereo display system simulates the principle of human viewing, which generates two view images, one for each eye, switched by electronic glasses. Existing stereo development libraries, e.g. CAVELib, Avocano, require fully or partially understanding, at least caring of stereo display principles. Furthermore, most of existing libraries are used to develop a full application with all stereo display functions, e.g. multi-tasking, shared memory, stereo displaying, and so on. MultiPro is a PC cluster based system developed by C++ and Qt library. It’s composed of following modules of controller, renderer, MultiPro Library, communication layer and application module. Benefiting from modular design, the application developer doesn’t need to know anything about stereo display principles and the platform architecture. Besides, different applications can be switched at run-time of the platform, without the inconvenient switch of application processes. Three typical applications were developed and the results were excellent.