Elemental Sulfur und Sulfur-Rich Compounds II

Volume 231 of the series Topics in Current Chemistry pp 153-202

Polysulfido Complexes of Main Group and Transition Metals

  • Nobuhiro TakedaAffiliated withInstitute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
  • , Norihiro TokitohAffiliated withInstitute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
  • , Renji OkazakiAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Japan Women’s University Email author 

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Main group and transition metals form complexes with polysulfido ligands of a remarkable structural variety and complexity. These compounds are of high scientific interest but in addition have the potential for serving as catalysts in important industrial processes. The size of the polysulfido ligands can vary between S2 2− and S9 2− and the complexes may be mononuclear, polynuclear or even cluster-like. The type of compound formed depends not only on the metal and its oxidation number but to a large extent also on the other ligands present and in particular on their bulkiness. This review describes the progress made in the area of polysulfido complexes with regard of their synthesis, structures and reactions.


Sulfur Main group metal Transition metal Polysulfido complex