Frontiers in Colloid Science In Memoriam Professor Dr. Bun-ichi Tamamushi

Volume 68 of the series Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science pp 59-70


Order formation in binary mixtures of monodisperse latices

I. Observation of ordered structures
  • S. YoshimuraAffiliated withInstitute of Applied physics, University of Tsukuba SakuraIzumi High School
  • , S. HachisuAffiliated withInstitute of Applied physics, University of Tsukuba Sakura

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Formation of alloy structures in binary mixtures of monodisperse latices was studied. When the particle concentration of the mixture exceeded certain extent, a phase separation took place in the system to deposit (one or two) ordered structure(s). The structures were observed by a light microscope. Several lattice types appeared depending upon the composition of the mixture; they are NaZn13, AlB2, CaCu5, MgCu2 and a hexagonal one with a composition of AB4 which is not yet identified to any of alloys or compounds. In view of the fact that the interaction between the particles in a stably dispersed latex is effectively repulsive, this phenomenon of order formation in binary systems is of the same kind as that in single component or monodisperse latices. The phase transition in the present system would be the binary version of the Alder transition that explains the order formation in monodisperse latices.

Key words

Latex order binary system alloy phase transition