Solar Energy Materials

Volume 49 of the series Structure and Bonding pp 1-36


Luminescent solar concentrators for energy conversion

  • Renata ReisfeldAffiliated withDepartment of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, and the Energy Center, Hebrew University
  • , Christian K. JørgensenAffiliated withDépartement de Chimie minérale, analytique et appliquée, Université de Genève

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Solar energy is the prominent renewable source of electricity if cheap methods will be designed for its concentration and conversion. The geographical, seasonal and spectral distribution of the terrestrial solar energy are described. The concept of non-tracking fluorescent concentrators and the mathematical background for collection and concentration of direct and diffuse light are discussed. The single plate, multiple stacks and thin films doped by one or more colorants are reviewed. The differences between inorganic and organic materials are analyzed. Suggestions for new hybrid systems are made.