Festkörperprobleme 22

Volume 22 of the series Advances in Solid State Physics pp 61-83


Magnetic field effects in chemistry and biology

  • Klaus SchultenAffiliated withPhysikdepartment, Technische Universität München

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Chemical and biological photoprocesses which involve bimolecular reactions between non-zero spin intermediates, e.g. doublet molecules 2A+2B, often produce the intermediate molecular pair in a pure overall spin state, e.g. a singlet state 1(2A+2B). and select for the reaction channels again such spin states, e.g. a triplet state 3(2A+2B). The necessery transition 1(2A+2B)→3(2A+2B) is affected by magnetic interactions (hyperfine, Zeeman, zero field splitting) and can be influenced by magnetic fields. Examples are photoinduced electron transfer processes, e.g. the primary reaction of photosynthesis.