Matching The Structure Of Computations And Machine Architecture

Conpar 81

Volume 111 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 37-47


Queue machines: An organization for parallel computation

  • M. FellerAffiliated withUCLA Computer Science Department, University of California
  • , M. D. ErcegovacAffiliated withUCLA Computer Science Department, University of California

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We explore parallel system organizations based on a representation of programs which allows execution using a queue as a working store. The main advantage of such a representation, called Q-notation, is that multiple processors can be used in a very regular manner, so that a simple and natural mapping of parallel computations onto parallel processors is achieved. The proposed machines are characterized by very efficient and fast instruction issue, modularity with useful fault-tolerance properties, and simplified interconnection requirements. We define a Q-notation for program representation and discuss in general its capabilities and limitations in executing ordinary (sequential) and concurrent programs.