Communications 2B Intelligent Information Retrieval

Foundations of Intelligent Systems

Volume 1609 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 190-198


Logic programs for intelligent web search

  • Bernd ThomasAffiliated withInstitut für Informatik, Universität Koblenz

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We present a general framework for information extraction from web pages based on a special wrapper language, called token-templates. By using token-templates in conjunction with logic programs we are able to reason about web page contents, search and collect facts and derive new facts from various web pages. We give a formal definition for the semantics of logic programs extended by token-templates and define a general answer-complete calculus for these extended programs. These methods and techniques are used to build intelligent mediators and web information systems.


intelligent information systems intelligent information retrieval WWW information extraction template based wrappers mediators logic programming theory reasoning deductive web databases softbots