Temporal Databases: Research and Practice

Volume 1399 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 367-405


The consensus glossary of temporal database concepts — February 1998 version

  • Christian S. JensenAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, Aalborg University
  • , Curtis E. DyresonAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., James Cook University
  • , Michael BöhlenAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., Aalborg University
  • , James CliffordAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., James Cook University
  • , Ramez ElmasriAffiliated withComputer Science Engineering Dept., University of Texas at Arlington
  • , Shashi K. GadiaAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., Iowa State University
  • , Fabio GrandiAffiliated withCIOC-CNR, DEIS, University of Bologna
  • , Pat HayesAffiliated withBeckman Institute
  • , Sushil JajodiaAffiliated withInformation & Software Systems Engineering Dept., George Mason University
    • , Wolfgang KÄferAffiliated withMercedes Benz
    • , Nick KlineAffiliated withMicrosoft
    • , Nikos LorentzosAffiliated withInformatics Laboratory, Agricultural University of Athens
    • , Yannis MitsopoulosAffiliated withInformatics Laboratory, Agricultural University of Athens
    • , Angelo MontanariAffiliated withDip. di Matematica e Informatica, Università di Udine
    • , Daniel NonenAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., Concordia University
    • , Elisa PeressiAffiliated withDip. di Matematica e Informatica, Università di Udine
    • , Barbara PerniciAffiliated withElectronic Engineering and Information Sciences Dept., Politecnico di Milano
    • , John F. RoddickAffiliated withSchool of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia
    • , Nandlal L. SardaAffiliated withComputer Science and Engineering Dept., Indian Institute of Technology
    • , Maria Rita ScalasAffiliated withUniversity of Bologna
    • , Arie SegevAffiliated withSchool of Business Adm. and Computer Science Research Dept., University of California
    • , Richard T. SnodgrassAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., University of Arizona
    • , Mike D. SooAffiliated withComputer Science and Engineering Dept., University of South Florida
    • , Abdullah TanselAffiliated withBernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York
    • , Paolo TiberioAffiliated withCIOC-CNR., DEIS, University of Bologna
    • , Gio WiederholdAffiliated withComputer Science Dept., Stanford University

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This document1 contains definitions of a wide range of concepts specific to and widely used within temporal databases. In addition to providing definitions, the document also includes explanations of concepts as well as discussions of the adopted names.

The consensus effort that lead to this glossary was initiated in Early 1992. Earlier versions appeared in SIGMOD Record in September 1992 and March 1994. The present glossary subsumes all the previous documents. The glossary meets the need for creating a higher degree of consensus on the definition and naming of temporal database concepts.

Two sets of criteria are included. First, all included concepts were required to satisfy four relevance criteria, and, second, the naming of the concepts was resolved using a set of evaluation criteria. The concepts are grouped into three categories: concepts of general database interest, of temporal database interest, and of specialized interest.