Date: 22 Jun 2005

The GRED graphical editor for the GRADE parallel program development environment

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In this paper, we describe a graphical editor GRED as part of the integrated programming environment GRADE that is intended to support designing, debugging and performance tuning of message-passing programs running on a heterogeneous network of computers. The GRED editor hides the cumbersome details of the underlying low-level message-passing system (which is currently the PVM system) by providing visual abstractions but allows the programmer to define local computations of the individual processes in C (or in Fortran in the future) independently from the visually supported process management and inter-process communication activities.

Visual representation of the critical (i.e. message-passing related) parts of the code can help the user in grasping the complex structure and run-time behavior of the whole parallel application, even if he or she is not an expert in the field of concurrent programming.