Date: 18 Jun 2005

Computing reachable control states of systems modeled with uninterpreted functions and infinite memory

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We present an approach for automatically computing the set of control states reachable in systems modeled with uninterpreted functions, predicates and infinite memory. In general, the abstract state spaces of systems modeled in this fashion are infinite and exact state enumeration based procedures may not terminate. Using the Integer Combinational Sequential (ICS) concurrency model [HB95] as our underlying formalism, we show how ‘on-the-fly’ state reduction techniques, which preserve control invariance properties, can be used to significantly speed-up reachability computations on such abstract hardware representations, collapsing infinite state spaces to finite ones in some cases. The approach presented in this paper is automatic and if it terminates, will produce the exact set of reachable control states of abstract hardware models. Our techniques have been implemented in an ICS state reachability tool and experimental results are given on several examples.