Development Systems and Logical Frameworks

KORSO: Methods, Languages, and Tools for the Construction of Correct Software

Volume 1009 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 221-238


Formalization of algebraic specification in the development language Deva

  • Thomas SantenAffiliated withTechnische Universität Berlin
  • , Florian KammüllerAffiliated withTechnische Universität Berlin
  • , Stefan JähnichenAffiliated withTechnische Universität Berlin
  • , Martin BeyerAffiliated withTechnische Universität Berlin

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We show how software development based on algebraic specification can formally be represented in the development language Deva. We have formalized essential parts of the algebraic specification language Spectrum and a semantic development relation. The use of such a representation is three-fold: It makes developments amenable to consistency checks by machine, it documents the development for human readers, and it makes explicit the correspondence of development steps and resulting proof obligations.