The Salton Sea

Volume 161 of the series Developments in Hydrobiology pp 129-137

Cryptomonads from the Salton Sea, California

  • S. B. BarlowAffiliated withEM Facility/Biology Department, San Diego State University
  • , P. KugrensAffiliated withDepartment of Biology, Colorado State University

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Using freshly collected field samples and enrichment cultures, eight genera of cryptomonads from the Salton Sea are recorded for the first time. Comparative data from light and scanning electron microscopy were utilized to identify these genera and species. The genera included Chroomonas, Falcomonas,Hemiselmis, Plagioselmis, PyrenomonaslRhodomonas, Storeatula,Teleaulax, and the kathablepharid Leucocryptos. One putative genus remains unidentified and may represent a new taxon. SEM has not been conducted on this cryptomonad, but it has been isolated and is being maintained in culture. The genera and species identified from the Salton Sea are typical of marine rather then freshwater environments and may play an important role in primary productivity and as preferred fool organisms for zooplankton.

Key words

cryptomonads Salton Sea phytoplankton kathablepharid