Developing Models in Science Education

pp 307-323

Teaching and Learning about Chemistry and Modelling with a Computer managed Modelling System

  • Nitza BarneaAffiliated withThe University of ReadingTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology

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The advantage of using computer managed modelling systems (CMMS) to illustrate and explore phenomena in chemistry teaching and learning stems from the convenience and simplicity they provide for building molecules of any size and colour in a number of presentations. This Chapter summarises aspects and thoughts about CMMS that were collected from four different populations: Chemistry and microbiology professors, graduate and undergraduate students at university and high-school teachers and students. The data comes from semi-structured interviews, written reports, and questionnaires. Academic members who use CMMS for research and teaching, and schoolteachers, who use it for teaching, all see the advantages and importance of using this tool. Students’ feedback on the use of CMMS both in high school and university was found to be positive. Most of the students enjoyed using CMMS and indicated that it had helped them understand concepts in molecular geometry and bonding, through the improvement of their visualisation skills.