Vegetation between land and sea

Volume 11 of the series Geobotany pp 164-178

Ecological differentiation of the microspecies Salicornia dolichostachya Moss and Salicornia ramosissima J. Woods

Growth, mineral nutrition, carbon assimilation and development of the root system in anoxic and hypoxic culture solution
  • H. SchatAffiliated withBiology Laboratory, Free University of Amsterdam
  • , J. C. Van Der ListAffiliated withBiology Laboratory, Free University of Amsterdam
  • , J. RozemaAffiliated withBiology Laboratory, Free University of Amsterdam

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The effects of deoxygenation of the root environment were studied in two ecologically different Salicornia-microspecies,* viz. S. dolichostachya, which is more or less confined to the lower levels of coastal salt marshes, and S. ramosissima, predominantly occurring in the upper marsh. Deoxygenation of the root environment resulted in a reduced relative growth rate, associated with a decreased elongation rate of individual roots. The reduction in growth rate could not be attributed to a deteriorated carbon balance or to a reduced uptake of essential nutrients. With respect to all the parameters measured, both species showed an identical response. Oxygen deficiency per se apparently does not act as a selective factor for these microspecies.