Water Wave Kinematics

Volume 178 of the series NATO ASI Series pp 645-648

Experimental Facility for Progressive Edge Waves

  • Harry H. YehAffiliated withDepartment of Civil Engineering, University of Washington
  • , Kai-Meng MokAffiliated withDepartment of Civil Engineering, University of Washington

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Edge waves are one type of wave phenomena that may be an especially important factor for understanding coastal hydrodynamics. These waves are one of a class of trapped wave phenomena which can occur nearshore by wave refraction owing to the variable water depth. Edge waves propagate parallel to the shoreline with their crests pointing offshore while their amplitude is maximum at the shore and decays asymptotically to zero in the offshore direction. Thus, energy of edge waves is concentrated and confined to the near-shore region. Because edge-wave motions are boundary dominated flows, they appear to be influenced by the fluid viscosity and to deviate from the prediction of the inviscid theory (Yeh, 1985; 1986;1987).