Metallomics and the Cell

Volume 12 of the series Metal Ions in Life Sciences pp 15-40


Technologies for Detecting Metals in Single Cells

  • James E. Penner-HahnAffiliated withDepartments of Chemistry and Biophysics, University of Michigan Email author 

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In order to fully understand the metallomics of an organism, it is essential to know how much metal is present in each cell and, ideally, to know both the spatial and chemical distributions of each metal (i.e., where within the cell is a metal found, and in what chemical form). No single technique provides all of this information. This chapter reviews the various methods that can be used and the strengths and weaknesses of each.


fluorophore laser ablation mass spectrometry nanoprobe PIXE secondary ion SIMS X-ray fluorescence Please cite as: Met. Ions Life Sci. 12 (2013) 15–40