Restoring Lands - Coordinating Science, Politics and Action

pp 261-304


Flow in the Everglades

  • Stephen S. LightAffiliated withAdjunct Faculty, Department of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University
  • , Jan AdamowskiAffiliated withIntegrated Water Resources Management Program, Department of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University

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Much has been written about the Everglades1 over the years but little analysis of “the game within the game” has been provided – what we don’t see or don’t want to even hear about. We seldom learn about how the Everglades Restoration or most other human endeavors of sizeable consequence have been managed, or mismanaged. Once a policy decision is made, we tend to move on to the next issue or problem even if the policy is proven to have failed.


Everglades restoration Policy design Evolution Experimental designs Powers of dominion and relationship Water institutions Decompart­mentalization Personal knowledge Science and sensibilities Reasoning for complex problem solving Prosilience