Computer and Information Sciences

Volume 62 of the series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering pp 143-148


Dependence Analysis for Regression Test Suite Selection and Augmentation

  • Hasan UralAffiliated withSITE, University of Ottawa Email author 
  • , Hüsnü YenigünAffiliated withFENS, Sabanci University

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Using dependence analysis for model-based regression test suite (RTS) selection and augmentation from Extended Finite State Machine (EFSM) representations of system requirements is proposed. Given an EFSM representing the requirements of a system under test (SUT) and a set of modifications (i.e., adding, deleting, and changing transitions) on the EFSM, dependencies between transitions in the EFSM are identified. These dependencies capture the effects of the model on the modifications, the effects of the modifications on the model, and the side-effects of the modifications. The proposed method selects and augments a subset of a given test suite to form an RTS by examining dependencies covered by test cases in the given test suite.


Regression testing Extended finite state machine Controldependence Data dependence Regression test suite selection