Handbook of Phenomenological Aesthetics

Volume 59 of the series Contributions To Phenomenology pp 107-110



  • César Moreno MárquezAffiliated withUniversity of Sevilla

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Unlike many themes in phenomenological aesthetics, that of fashion has not been abundantly investigated. The brief essay by Georg Simmel (1905), already a classic though in many ways still quite relevant, or the study by Eugen Fink (1969), published 9 years after his Nietzsches Philosophie and Spiel als Weltsymbol, these are not specifically phenomenological. Fashion has chiefly been studied by structuralists, semioticians, and sociologists. Indisputable classics are the studies by Roland Barthes (1967), which addresses the theme in an indirect manner through study of fashion magazines, and Gilles Lipovetsky (1987), which is quite sociological in style and passionately vindicates the contribution of fashion to postmodern democratic individualism.