Parallel Retrieval of Nanometer-Scale Light-Matter Interactions for Nanophotonic Systems

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Exploiting the unique attributes of nanometer-scale optical near-field interactions in a completely parallel manner is important for innovative nanometric optical processing systems. In this paper, we propose the basic concepts necessary for parallel retrieval of light–matter interactions on the nanometer-scale instead of the conventional one-dimensional scanning method. One is the macro-scale observation of optical near-fields, and the other is the transcription of optical near-fields. The former converts effects occurring locally on the nanometer scale involving optical near-field interactions to propagating light radiation, and the latter magnifies the distributions of optical near-fields from the nanometer scale to the sub-micrometer one. Those techniques allow us to observe optical far-field signals that originate from the effects occurring at the nanometer scale. We numerically verified the concepts and principles using electromagnetic simulations.