European Retail Research

Part of the series European Retail Research pp 107-139

Retailing in India – Background, Challenges, Prospects

  • Doreén PickAffiliated withFreie Universität Berlin
  • , Daniel MüllerAffiliated withAsia Market Research

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India has become the second-largest consumer market and seventh-largest retail market worldwide. The prerequisite for this event was the liberalisation of several sectors of the economy, whereas the main driver was a continuous increase of the gross domestic product (GDP). As a consequence, the Indian retail market has shown impressive and constant growth. Although the global financial crisis affected the Indian economy, the prospects for the Indian retail market are encouraging. With a steadily growing economy, a broad middle class is evolving as progress is made in reducing poverty. Nevertheless, the knowledge about specific features of the Indian market is still unsatisfactorily low. Hence, our article provides a description of the status quo of India's retail market, including an analysis of Indian consumers and the positioning of Indian and foreign retailers. It concludes with predictions of plausible further developments.


Indian Retailer Indian Consumer Shopping Behaviour Rural India Supply Chain