Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management

pp 81-102


Using Multi-Informant Designs to Address Key Informant and Common Method Bias

  • Christian HomburgAffiliated withUniversity of Mannheim
  • , Martin KlarmannAffiliated withKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • , Dirk TotzekAffiliated withUniversity of Mannheim

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The important key informant and common method problems in survey research are taken up in this article. The authors focus on the question how researchers can rely on multiinformant designs in order to limit the threats of key informant and common method bias on the validity and reliability of survey research. In particular, they show how researchers can effectively design studies that employ multiple informants and how multi-informant data can be aggregated in order to obtain more accurate results than can be obtained with single informant studies.

Organizational Survey Research Survey Designs Common Method Bias Key Informant Bias